What We Do

Lifegate’s goal is to educate the people of Sierra Leone concerning God’s Stories and Life Skills.

We tell the stories from the Scriptures so that the people may know the Lord.  We teach the people the life skills they need in order to provide for themselves and to enable them to tell and teach God’s Stories to others.

In our schools, we are telling the stories to the children and teaching them life skills.

In our orphanage, we are telling the stories to the youth and teaching them life skills.

In our churches, we are telling the stories to the people and teaching them life skills.

On the radio, we are telling stories from the Bible and sharing the Gospel.

In our Trade School, we are telling stories from the Bible to adults and teaching life skills.

In the end, it's pretty simple: we want to teach Africans life skills, and we want Africans to tell God's stories to other Africans, in their mother tongue.

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Who We Are

Our team is diverse and well equipped. Our American members include:

Rick & Paula

Rick Miller (founder & president of Lifegate) and his wife Paula, with their two girls, Grace and Faith, have lived in Africa since 2005.  They were previously with a church planting mission and have been a part of more than 120 church plants in West Africa. Find them on Facebook here and here.

Tyler & Sarah

Tyler Miller (Missionary Carpenter) and his wife Sarah (International Director of Lifegate Children's Home), and their three boys, Connor, Finnigian, and Sullivan, moved to Sierra Leone late in 2015. Tyler's master carpenter skills and Sarah's ability to teach are helping us minister to the locals. And, yes, they are related to Rick and Paula! Find them on Facebook here and here


Chance & Ginger

Chance Newingham (Director of Partnerships) and Ginger, have three precious boys, Nasko, Edward, Louis, and Walter. They serve in the United States with the goal of raising funds and awareness for the work in Africa. Find them on Facebook here and here

Our African members include: 


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